Our Story

Connected to community.
Driving Digital Results.

Throughout our 60-year history in radio and media, we’ve built local support in communities all across the country. Along the way, we’ve helped over 100,000 businesses achieve their business goals and establish a presence in their community. Helping businesses thrive is our passion! Delivering results with our unique advertising and marketing solutions is at the forefront of our mission. It’s that dedication and proven effectiveness that make our range of digital and integrated capabilities all the more compelling for businesses of all sizes.


To help businesses of all sizes thrive, achieve their goals with proven results,
and connect with their community through digital marketing.


We are determined to help our customers succeed. It’s what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning.


Our creative spirit and innovation keep you ahead of the competition and help you reach new markets and gain new customers.


Our attention to detail and attentiveness is unmatched. We’re customer focused and offer solutions, strategies, and optimization centered around your individual business needs.


Each advertiser brings unique ideas to the table. Collaboration allows us to build a solid foundation of strong partnerships – where every voice is heard and every idea is explored.


Because we’re nimble, we make necessary changes on-the-fly and
optimize quickly.

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